I’m not worthy

I’m not worthy

The thing I love most about Brecken’s hooping style is her natural musicality. She also seems like a born dancer. Neither of these necessarily affect her ability to be a good hooper but they make her hooping skills stand out from other hoopers of similar ability.

Thinking about that makes me think about what makes a good performer overall. There are so many amazing hoopers and jugglers… and singers and other types of performers. What makes one of similar technical ability stand out from the another? That is something I’ve been studying.

I think having varied abilities like musical talent, dance talent, acting talent, etc, contribute to making someone a well-rounded performer. Surely there is natural charisma to take into account. But that will only take a person so far. There is confidence and an ability to channel energy into a performance. There is also preparation and experience that make someone a good performer. But all those feel like abstract concepts. When I find myself in the middle of that moment where the cameras are rolling or the audience is watching, why do they want to keep watching me?

If I could answer that, I’d be the juggling version of Tony Robbins. I guess I’ll just keep practicing, keep learning, keep observing, and keep working on my own natural style.